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Q: What is the symbol for home runs in baseball statistics?
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What has the author Peter Keating written?

Peter Keating has written: 'Clondalkin: a workers' victory' 'Dingers!' -- subject(s): Baseball, Home runs (Baseball), History, Records, Statistics, Batting (Baseball)

What is Major League Baseball sluggers?

In baseball, a slugger is someone who hits lots of home runs. These people usually have lower batting averages than other players, but much higher home run statistics.

What are Mickey Mantle's career Statistics?

In 18 Years of playing baseball with the New York Yankees Mickey Mantle had 8,102 at bats, 1,677 runs, 2,415 hits, 536 home runs 1,509 RBIs and a .298 batting average in 2,401 games.

What baseball player hit the most home runs in his career?

Barry Bonds, with 762 home runs.

Who hit the third most home runs in Major League baseball?

Babe Ruth - 714 home runs

Which sport uses the team home runs?


How many home runs was in a history of baseball?


What is a stat person?

In baseball, it is the person who keeps the game statistics, such as at bats, hits, runs, errors, OBP, OPS, etc.

What is a statistic A Whether it's hot outside B Number of home runs hit by your favorite baseball player this year C The average annual rainfal?

Both B, the number of home runs hit by your favorite player and C the average annual rainfall are statistics. A, whether it;s hot outside is a matter of opinion.

Which MLB player has the most home runs?

Barry Bonds has the most home runs in Major League Baseball (762).

What batter has hit the most home runs?

In Major League Baseball, Barry Bonds has hit the most home runs.

What baseball player hit the 2nd most home runs in a caree?

Henry "Hank" Aaron, 755 home runs