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Q: What is the starting salary for a ncaa division I head baseball coach?
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How much does a cheerleading beginer coach get paid an hour?

The salary for a beginning cheerleader coach will vary depending on location. The average salary for a cheerleading coach who is just starting out is about $33,000 per year

What is the salary of Tracy Smith Indiana Baseball Coach?

$200, 000

What is the annual salary of a college coach?

Well, it really just depends. For example, a coach in the SEC like Urban Meyer has a greater chance of having a higher salary then someone coaching a lower division school.

What is the salary of a ncaa division II assistant football coach?

I made 42,000 min Midwest for 2007-2008.

NFL assistant coach salary?

Each assistant coach for the NFL has a different salary. Most of the assistant coach's salary begin at $400,000.

How much does a division 1 soccer head coach makes?

According to the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, the starting negotionalbe salary is $25,000-over $100,000 for full-time coaches. But it also depends on the institution, years of experience, and record.

What is the salary of third base coach Joe McEwing of the Chicago White Sox baseball team?


What is the monthly salary of a football coach?

The monthly salary of a football coach will vary between each coach based on his wins and losses, his ability to coach, and much coaching experience he has.

Which coach has the most football wins?

Eddie Robinson Coach John Gagliardi Division 3 has 471 Coach Eddie Robinson Division 2 has 408 Coach Bobby Bowden Division 1 (major college teams) has 377

What is the salary of a NCAA division 3 head softball coach?

The salaries of NCAA head softball coaches will vary according to experience and college. They average about $47,000 per year.

Is there a minimum salary for a NBA coach?


How much does a high school baseball coach make a year in Washington?

High school coaches make a typical teacher's salary, and work as teachers, and sometimes are provided extra to be the head coach of their sport.