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In 1970 Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints kicked a 63 yard field goal. In the same game he kicked an 8 yard field goal. Is his 8 yard field goal the record for the 'shortest' field goal in NFL History?

No, the shortest field goal in NFL history I can find on record is this 6-yard field goal by Cleveland Browns kicker Don Cockroft.

I'd disregard the above claim of Cockroft's 6-yard field goal for these reasons:

1. has the only box score I could find for that game and lists it as being 27 yards. It was also the only FG scored in that game so there's no possible confusion between this FG and any others.

2. also has Don Cockroft's career log for all of his made field goals and if you click on the "Dist" header it'll sort them out by distance. Doing this reveals that his shortest field goal was actually 8 yards and confirms that the 6-yard field goal claimed in the above link was indeed 27 yards once you locate that game in the middle of where his 27-yard field goals appear in that list.

3. After spending several minutes searching on Google, I couldn't find any other sources to corroborate that link's claim of a 6-yard FG.

4. Field goals are attempted roughly 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Unless the format used to be different, this would suggest the line of scrimmage was one yard deep in the endzone.


After a little more research I found evidence of at least two 7-yard field goals, one in the NFL and the other in the AFL:

On September 26, 1954 George Blanda made one for the Bears against the Lions.

On September 29, 1968 Gino Cappelletti made one for the Patriots against the Broncos but this is grey area stuff regarding NFL history since it occurred in the AFL.

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Q: What is the shortest field goal in football history?
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