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Q: What is the second smallest market in nfl?
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What is the smallest city to currently have an NFL team?

Green Bay is by far the smallest market with an NFL team, with a population of only 101,203.

What are the 5 smallest NFL stadiums?

Well, the smallest NFL stadium is soldier field.

Who was the smallest linebacker in the NFL?


What is the second smallest planet on the solar system?

The smallest is Mercury, the second smallest is Mars.

Second smallest continent?

the second smallest continent is EUROPE.

Smallest NFL qb?

Eli manning

What is the Smallest NFL Team?

the denver broncos

Do the colts have the smallest defense in the NFL?

Definitely not

Is Europe the smallest?

no its the second smallest

Is Hawaii the second smallest state?

Yes, Hawaii is the 8th smallest state in the United States, not the 2nd smallest. The second smallest state is Rhode Island.

Who has the smallest seating capacity in the NFL?

Houston Astrodome

Who is the smallest player in the NFL today?

derrenh sproles