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Q: What is the sc ierntiffic name for the pom pom tree?
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How did cherry grove SC get its name?

Was it once a cherry tree orchard?

What is the name of the SC state flag?

sc state flag sc=south carolina dumb head

What does SC mean after a doctor's name?

SC at the end of the Doctor's name is known as SENIOR CONSULTANT.

What former element name is SC known for?

SC used to be known as "Surfaces."

What brand of shirt has the palmetto tree and crescent moon as their logo?

It is not a brand. The Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon is the symbol on the SC state flag. It has become a common symbol on all sorts of clothing, window decals, etc. The SC people are showing their pride.

Where is oak tree in the movie THE WAR?

It is in Grays Hill, SC. It is at the entrance to the Carolina Shores community

What is the chemical name for scandium?

Name: scandium Symbol: Sc

What is the tallest tree in South Carolina?

There are two redwoods planted in Abbeville, SC. They are the tallest trees in that area.

What does SC mean after a business name?

Service Corporation

Where is the Walking Tree Nature Center in Columbia South Carolina located?

The address of the Walking Tree Nature Center is: 1622 Saint Michaels Rd, Columbia, SC 29210

What area is the tree den in slough creek on wolfquest?

The tree den is in Aspen Heights, as well as Slough Creek den --you need 25,000 points in Amythest mountain to unlock SC den in Sloughcreek, and SC den is the most glitched den of them all, so I suggest you go to Aspen heights--

What does a palm tree represent?

the crescent moon and palm tree seen on stickers and SC's licence plate is Order of the Eastern Star symbolism. Never herd of them? Google it!