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It is called The Webb Ellis trophy.

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Q: What is the rugby world cup sevens trophy name?
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How does rugby sevens differ from regularly rugby?

Actually there is no difference. Its a name given to the top level of the professional game which indictaes the bast teams in the league which is made up of South Africa, New Zealand & Australia

What is the full name of Rugby world cup?

The RWC is also known as the William Webb Ellis Trophy

What is the official name of the NRL trophy?

National Rugby League(NRL) primership trophy

What is the name of Fijis rugby team?

the fijiansor the Sevens'

What is the name of the soccer World Cup?

The cup that is won at the end of a rugby world cup final is called The "Webb-Ellis Cup" Which is named after the great rugby player and the founder of rugby William Webb-Ellis. Some Biographist wrote "Whilst playing football, William caught the ball up in his arms, and instead of retiring back or punting forward, he rushed forward with the ball in his hands." This was at Rugby School and was the birthplace of the game.

Which school in England did the founder of rugby attend in 1823?

William Web Ellis is often credited with inventing the sport of Rugby in 1823. He was a pupil at Rugby School in Warwickshire. His name has been immortalised by the William Web Ellis cup, the trophy awarded to the winning Rugby World Cup team.

What is the official name of the World Cup trophy?

The current trophy is called FIFA World Cup Trophy.

What is another name for American rugby?

Rugby - That is its name world wide.

What is the name of the previous world cup trophy?

Jules Rimet Trophy

What was the name of the 1967 Super Bowl Trophy?

World Championship Game Trophy

What was the name of the original football name for the world cup trophy?

it was originally called the Jules Rimet trophy

What was the name of the origginal World Cup trophy?

Jules Rimet Trophy (1930 to 1970) FIFA World Cup Trophy (1974 to the present day)