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Q: What is the ride called where you sit in a ball?
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What is it called when you sit on one side of a horse?

sidesaddle. its when you ride a horse but with both legs in one side

Ride is to rode as sit is to?


What is Elephant Polo?

elephant polo is a game where you sit on an elephants back and have a large stick usually 6-9 foot long and you have a ball and ride on the elephants to hit it into the goal

What do you have to do in the spacecraft?

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

What is a single rider at Six Flags?

a single rider is a ride where you sit alone on the ride.

What is the ride at the Perth Royal Show Kiddieland where you sit on chairs and it turns around very quick?

Think its called wheel spinner. If its not change this answer.

What does the ball sit on for a place kick?

In the case of a place such as a penalty kick the ball can sit in a small plastic cradle or pile of sand.

How old do you have to be to ride in the front sit in washington?

you have to be at least 13 or older to leagally ride in the front seat

What are things to do outside?

go out side and play with a ball, you can sit, you can dance, you can drink, you can start a lemonade stand earn some money play with your friends play on a tire swing or ride your bike or scooter.

How do you ride a bus?

You simply pay the fare & sit down.

How do you run a dirt bike?

Sit on it, start it up and ride it.

What is the name of the ball thing you sit on a desk and they hit into each other it has 6 - 8 balls on it?

It is called "Newton's Cradle"