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Q: What is the purpose of the tpm chip ona amotherboard?
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What hardware component is needed to set up Bit Locker Encryption so that you can authenticate the computer?

TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip. The TPM chip holds the BitLocker encryption key (also called the startup key).

What is the chip called that is on the motherboard of most notebook computers?


Which chip on the motherboard does Windows Bitlocker Encryption use to secure the hard drive?

Trusted Platform Module Chip or TPM.

What must your motherboard have to use BitLocker Encryption in Windows 7 which will ensure that your hard drive cannot be used in another computer?

There is a wonderful device known as a TPM chip. Also, good luck on the A+ cert program that you are undoubtedly using.

Security chip mad function error?

The security chip mad function error is found in Laptop computers. This error message appears when the TPM chip fails and needs to be repaired.

Which chip on the motherboard does window bit-locker encryption use to secure the hard drive?

It uses the trusted platform module (TPM).

Which chip on the motherboard does Wndows Bitlocker Encryption use to secure the hard drive?

The TPM chip is used to hold the encryption key for Windows Vista BitLocker Encryption. You can lock down a workstation using Windows. Press the

What is the purpose of the TPM chip in a mother board?

The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip designed by the TCG (Trusted Computing Group), it stores passwords, encryption keys and digital certificates. Pros: -Provides added security in case your laptop got lost or stolen, the above average joe won't be able to get into it. - Data stored on your hard-drive can be encrypted, again the above average joe won't be able to access the content of drive of your stolen laptop. -With SSO(Single Sign-On) you don't have to remember a ton of complicated passwords anymore, let your fingerprint be your identity. Cons: -with DRM (Digital Rights Mgmt) being worked on by the same group, it's a matter of time that they merge the two; which means that sofware and hardware vendors will have the possibility to constantly have be looking over your shoulder. - It all comes that to a trust issue. Are we going to trust these companies to protect us just because they are nice guys or are they doing it to increase their bottom line. You decide, meanwhile TPM is being installed on most laptop shipped since 2006. I must add the feature needs to be turn on by the user(owner). it's going mobile as well.

What does tpm mean in computers?

A trusted platform module (TPM) is a chip that handles FDE (full-disk encryption) and other encryption-based security on a computer. It is primarily used in operating systems such as Windows 7 and 8 with the advent of BitLocker, which if enabled will disallow you from using the hard disk in another computer.

What is the full form of TPM?


What is the purpose of TPM Muckraker?

TPM Muckraker is a blog that focuses on investigative reporting and analysis of political news, particularly in relation to government corruption, political scandals, and abuse of power. It aims to hold public officials accountable and provide in-depth coverage of important political developments.

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