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The brim on a ball cap was designed to protect the sunlight from hitting the players eyes. The brim also makes a cap look more fashionable, hence makes people look cool.

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Q: What is the purpose of the brim on a ball cap?
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What did baseball hats look like in 1903?

Like a cap with little brim. Made of wool.

What soft cap with the full brim is typical head wear for players of this British bat-and-ball game?

The person who answered before said 'baseball cap' but baseball is not a British game. It is a Cricket Cap. Cricket is a game played in the UK.

What is the projecting brim of a cap to shade your eyes?


Which side of the ball cap brim does the fish hook go on?

Right Side

What is The projecting brim of a cap used to shade your eyes?


What are the leaves called on a us naval officer hat?

If you are talking about the golden stuff on the brim of the hat and even the ships ball cap , the only term I have ever heard to describe it is scrambled eggs.

What is the difference between cap and hat?

A CAP is a brimless head covering with or without a visor. Examples: a Baseball cap has a visor to protect eyes from the sun; a ski cap is a knitted head covering without a visor.A HAT is a head covering, usually with a crown and a brim. Examples: a fedora has a crown with a crease and a brim; a top hat has a flat top crown and a brim.A visor only extends around the front of the hat while a brim completely encircles the hat.

How do you draw a baseball cap?

If you want to shape the brim, rubberband it around a can or jar. Depending on the curve you are looking for depends on the size of can or jar. Also, soaking the brim or washing the cap may speed the process.

THE NAME of A cloth hat with a ribbon band and ruffled brim of the Georgian era?


What is a balmoral?

A balmoral is a Scottish cap with a flat top and plume but no brim, or a heavy walking shoe.

What is a cap?

Depending on how it is used it can be a hat or a top of a bottle, or a part on a car called a distributor cap. A lid or cover, or to place a limit on an activity, prices, or expenses. A cap gun toy for children.

How do you make the detective hat?

Blue Ball Cap, Red Ball Cap, and Tan Suit Jacket