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Whatever kind of ball played, it is important for the fielder to always stay in front of the ball and must keep the ball at the center of the body. For ground balls, keep low and for fly balls be sure to be under the ball. Always cover the ball with your free hand as soon as it enters the gloves

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Q: What is the proper way to field a play ball?
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What is the proper way to serve a tennis ball?

Although personal style and flair play a small role in serving, the proper way to serve a tennis ball is too long to describe on this website. Instead, click on the wikiHow link, below, for detailed instructions.

If the ball is hit by the attacking team and crosses over the goal line in field hockey but it is not a goal how is play restarted?

Play is restarted in the same way as whenever an attacker plays the ball over the backline: with a 16 yard hit, in front of the goal.

What is footfault in volleyball?

A foot fault in volleyball occurs when the server steps on or over the service line while serving the ball. They can not enter the court in any way until the ball has been struck or served into the field of play.

Do you field a baseball bare handed?

It is not recommended to field a baseball barehanded, as it can lead to injuries such as cuts, bruises, or fractures. It is best to use a glove when fielding a baseball to protect your hands and improve your grip on the ball.

What way do you have to play the white ball when the white ball is repositioned in the D in snooker and pool?

You can play any direction on the table once the ball is repositioned in the d.

What is the proper way to hold a duck pin ball?

The ball should be griped with fingers never touching the palm of your hand.

What do you play hockey with?

A hockey stick is required either way, but the type will affect whether you use a ball on a field or a puck on some ice.

What is the four letter word used to describe the proper way to shoot a ball?


What is a lie in golf?

A lie is the way a ball in play is resting.

What are the regulations of field hockey?

A player may not: o Shield or obstruct the ball from an opponent with the body or stick. All players must have an equal chance to gain control of the ball as it is dribbled or passed down the field. o Play the ball with the rounded side of the stick. o Charge, hit, shove or trip an opponent. o Play the ball in a potentially dangerous way. o Raise the stick above the waist in a dangerous manner while attempting to play or stop the ball. o Advance the ball by any means other than with the stick. o Stop or deflect the ball in the air or on the ground with any part of the body. o Hit, hook, hold or interfere with and opponents stick.

Is there a way to play DX ball online without downloading it?


What's the ruling if the defensive player kicks a batted ball in play purposely to keep the runner from advancing a base?

There would be no advantage to a fielder kicking a batted ball. If a ball is in fair territory when touched by a fielder, it will remain a fair ball until play is stopped. If a ball is in play when touched by a fielder in any way, it remains in play.