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Q: What is the primary source that Jackie Robinson may face?
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What hardships did Jackie Robinson face as a child?

he was a howard chen

What are two essential conflicts Jackie Robinson had to face to achieve his achievements or goals?

Jackie Robinson had to overcome being the first ever Negro in the MLB

What was Jackie Robinson's importance?

he changed the face of baseballhe became the first african american baseball player

What obstacles did Jackie Robinson face?

grew up fatherlessgrew up in an all white neighborhood, raised by single motherreceived death threats

Did Jackie Robinson face any personal challenges during his life?

no just decriminational challenges and finantial challenges with his mother adn not havin a father

What made Jackie Robinson play major league?

First and foremost, Rickey want to WIN BALL GAMES, and felt that players of the calibre of Robinson would help him do so. He knew that Robinson would suffer EXTREME abuse while playing, and so he had to be absolutely certain that Robinson would endure the abuse.

Who did anne robinson's face lift?

Anne Robinson underwent a face lift surgery to improve her appearance and reduce signs of aging.

What MLB team did Jackie Robinson face in his first MLB game?

He spent all ten of his professional seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers. After being traded to the cross-town rival New York Giants, he showed his loyalty to Brooklyn by retiring rather than playing for the enemy.

Did Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson ever face in a baseball game?

Yes, many times. Aaron's and Robinson's MLB careers overlapped by three seasons (1954-1956). Their first game against each other was May 11, 1954 and their final game against each other was September 12, 1956.

What obstacles did Jackie Robinson face in life?

he took some bad things as a kid which made his brain function at a "higher" level in baseball compared to other people.

What is the special or unique thing about Jackie Robinson?

He was the first African American to play for a pro baseball team and was a great athlete. The other team members didn't treat him right because of his color and he faced discrimination. He was a man of character and great strength to face the hate and discrimination.

What is the name of the movie where a girl burnt Jackie Chan's face while training him?

To kill with intrigue