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The prize money for season 2008/09 was £761,000 per position the team finished. That makes the top four positions;

1 = £15,220,000

2 = £14,459,000

3 = £13,698,000

4 = £12,937,000

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Q: What is the price money for winning premier league?
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How much is the price money for the winner of the English premier league?

the price money is twenty million pounds

How do you get more money in fantasy premier league?

Bye a player in low price. and sell him after his price increase

How much in price money is awarded to this year English premier league winner?


How do you put a price on a premier league player?

we can put a price on a premier league player depending on his market value,form,status,level,fitness and age

Price of a season ticket for a premier league football club?

approximately £500 to £1000

Cheats for Barclay's premier league fantasy football?

Yes buy a player in low price and sell him fatre his price increase

What is the price for winning fa cup?

The FA Cup winners qualify for the following seasons UEFA Europa League. This European place applies even if the team is relegated or is not in the English top flight. However, if the FA Cup winning team has also qualified for the following seasons UEFA Champions League, then the losing FA Cup finalist is given the Europa League place instead. FA Cup winners enter the Europa League at the Group Stage. Losing finalists, if they enter the Europa League, must begin earlier, at the play-off or Q3 stage.The FA Cup winner also qualify for a single match of FA Community Shield against the Premier League Winner a week before the start of next season Premier League.The winner of the competition also earns around £2million in prize money.

What is the price of English premier league?

Go to this website and check,,12306,00.html

How much is the nike premier league ball?

the price of the fake one is £14.99 the real one is £84.99

What is the price money for uefa champions league?

With bonuses and extra money included, Champions League winning clubs accumulate 40-50m in prize money. For example, Real Madrid got 46m in prize money and Chelsea won 46m in prize when they won the league.

What position did former footballer Chris Price play?

Chris Price played right back for The Football League and in the Premier League. Price began his career with Hereford United before playing with the Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa, returning to the Rovers and finally ending his career with the Cinderford Town.

What was the average price of a matchday ticket for a Premier League game last season?

I do not know the average for matchday but for a mid season, season ticket (so half a year) the average price was around £700.