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it depends on the velocity set by an Allen key if someone set the velocity up very very high the gun will shoot much faster hurt much more but it will lose air much faster

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Q: What is the power of a pressure air gun?
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Who do you measure air pressure of an airsoft gun?

Pressure gauge

How was air pressure put in first air gun?

with a hand pump

How do you psi in an air soft gun?

Pressure gauge

What is a pump air soft gun?

One that you have to manually pump the forarm up to build enough pressure in the air tank to fire the gun.

Can you die if he get shot with a air gun?

If you are asking about Air Soft, then most likely not. But if you are asking about a BB or pellet gun then Yes it is possible depending on the power of the air gun and where you are struck.

Your bb gun has no air pressure?

Take it to a authorized repair center.

How do you build power air gun?

If you want to build your own air gun I suggest you search" You tube" and look for "Home made air guns'

Is a gun an example of a pneumatic or hydro pneumatic?

Gun with a spring force acts. Hydraulic power water gun works. Pneumatic power iscompressed air.

What is a good title for your science fair project concerning air pressure?

"The Power of Air: Investigating the Effects of Air Pressure"

Why doesn't a Triton II paintball gun have enough air pressure to fire?

Either you have a defect in the gun/canister or you havn't charged your canister. If you just got your gun you should charge it. Usually they do not come with air in them.

What is a paintball gun that uses a Dye air tank?

Any gun with a High Pressure System (which is basically all of them) can use this tank.

Can you inrease the power of a BSA ultra 177 pcp rifle?

Because of the nature of the PCP power plant I suggest you search the net and look for air gun repair or air gun tune-up. There are shops that tune up air rifles and modify them.