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Springbok jersey green is close to R 40

G 70

B 50

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Green & Gold

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Green, gold and white

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Q: What is the national pantone colours of the Springbok jersey?
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Where can someone get a list of Pantone colors?

Pantone Inc. is an American company with its headquarters in New Jersey. They developed the Pantone Matching System which is widely used in printing and manufacturing. One can find a list of Pantone colors at the website California Printed.

What is the t-shirt colour of Chelsea?

It's Pantone 300 C; the same as the national flag of Scotland, as the club was founded by Henry Augustus "Gus" Mears, who was of Scottish descent.

Why did nelson Mandela wear a jersey with the number 6?

It was the number of the Springbok captain, Francois Pienaar

What is the colour of westmeath's jersey?

The Irish Football Team's National and Team colours are Green (Main) Orange and White...

What is an away jersey?

An away jersey is the uniform that the team wears in the team colours as visiting players, These jerseys are differently coloured than the colours that they wear on their home field. For example if your colours are green and white, the home jersey might be a green jersey with white lettering. An away jersey would be a white jersey with green lettering. The jersey is so designed because the visiting team might have the same colours as the home team, so the play can be distinguished between the visiting team and the home team. If both teams wear the same colours, the away jersey tells that the team with the inverted colours are the visitors.

Name 3 types of textiles which has been used for the springbok jersey through the years?

Cotton Wool Plastic

What will the springbok jersey look like in 2011 rugby world cup?

world cup winners on the front wirh bok leaping over it

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How long has the springbok rugby teams logo been around?

The spring bok logo was not used on a jersey until 1906 when the SA team toured the UK

What are the main colors in the jersey worn by Cristiano Ronaldo at the World Cup in 2010?

At the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, Cristiano Ronaldo wore a jersey in the colours of green, red and white which are the colours for the Portuguese team.

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