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Q: What is the name of the top Uruguayan soccer team?
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Name a top London soccer team?

Manchester united

What is the name of the soccer team in Sweden?

There are thousands of Soccer teams in Sweden.. The Swedish soccer league is call Allsvenskan. The top team in this league is Mälmo ff, they are also playing in champions league.

Who is the top scorer for the Greek soccer team?


Who is the top scorer in Nigeria's soccer team?

A black man

Who is the top soccer team in Mexico?

According to the IFFHS, Monterrey.

How is Sri Lanka doing in soccer?

Sri Lanka has a national soccer team but not in the top ratings list.

Which London soccer team has won the most honours in history?

It has to be the Top London team Arsenal.

What are the top 5 records in the US about soccer?

real Madrid is the best soccer team in the world..CR7!!:D

Which famous soccer player that if he would play for the US soccer team then he would take it to the top?

david beckham

Do Brazilians play soccer?

Yes, they Top 1 soccer team and they also playing in 2010 fifa world cup!!

Does Canada have a good soccer team?

soccer isn't a huge sport there, I've seen their team play a few times, nothing greatCanada's women's team is 7th top in the world, they took Bronze at the 2012 Olympics.

What are the stats for the Real Salt Lake soccer team?

The Real Salt Lake Soccer team was founded in the year of 2004. Current up-to-date stats for the Real Salt Lake Soccer team is total points being 222 and the Top Soccer player is Robbie Findley with 29 goals.