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Goal posts, commonly referred to as "uprights."

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Its called a goal post

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Q: What is the name of the thing you kick a football for a field goal?
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In football what happens if you miss a field goal on first down?

If the field goal is blocked, and you recover, you can re-kick another field goal. If you miss the field goal it is a turnover. So, it is best to kick your field goal on 4th down

What are the kicks in football?

a kick off, field goal, and extra point

What are the responsibilities of an NFL kicker?

they kick the football in the case of a kickoff, punt, turnover or field goal kick.

Does the quality of a football affect the way you kick a field goal?

Yes it does make a difference.

What are the terms often used in the game of American football?

Many terms are used in American football. These terms include a down, a period of uninterrupted play, a field goal, a goal obtained from a kick, and a kickoff, the kick that begins a play.

Why do college football not kick field gold from center of field?

Because it would be a sixty yard field goal, and only a handful of college kickers can make it from there.

Can anyone take a goal kick?

Anyone can kick a field goal.

Is the spot of the ball on a missed field goal the line of scrimage of the field goal attemp or the actual spot that the holder spotted the ball to kick the field goal?

In the NFL, the ball will be placed at the spot of the hold after a missed field goal. If the kick took place from inside the 20, the ball is moved out to the 20. In college football, the opposing team gets the ball from the original line of scrimmage.

In football What is the penalty for jumping on another players back in an attempt to block a kick such as an extra point or field goal?


What do you kick a field goal through?

the goal post

How many points is a field goal worth in football?

3 points. But a drop kick (which is similar to a field goal) is worth 2 points. A drop kick is where you drop the ball on the ground and let it bounce up in the air then kick it through the goal posts. This is very difficult to do and is very rarely tried in the nfl.

How far can Tanner kick a field goal?

55 yard field goal as a sophmore.