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Qwest Field for the Seahawks and Safeco Field for the Mariners.....the Space Needle is the downtown structure.

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Q: What is the name of the structure in Seattle?
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What is the name structure in Seattle Washington?

it is called the space needle

What does the name Seattle mean?

Seattle means Seattle, just a name.

Is the space needle the tallest structure in Seattle?


Why did they name it Seattle?

Seattle was named so because the founders (such as the Yeslers etc.) wanted to name it some awful name, but then one of the of the founders said they didn't want it to be called that so they named it after the sheriff whose last name was Seattle.

Where was the setting for the TV sitcom Bewitched?

Seattle, Washington

Where did the Seattle Mariners get their name?

The Sea

How did the Seattle Seahawks get their name based on Seattles history?

There by the sea and there's lots of Hawks in Seattle.

Where did the last name rouda originate from?


What is the origin of the word Seattle?

The name "Seattle" is derived from Native American Chief Sealth, who was a prominent leader of the Duwamish and Suquamish tribes in the Seattle area. The city was named in his honor.

Why are the Seattle Seahawks named that?

They held a contest and the name Seahawks was selected from the submissions. Seahawks were already used by a local high school in Seattle, Chief Sealth. The submitter probably swiped it from them.

How did church hill get its name?

The church hill got its name for the planet mars. It is a Christian mega church that is located in Seattle Washington and is a section of West Seattle.

What towering sturcture was built to symbloize the 1962 world's fair in Seattle Washington?

I was there, and the structure you seek is the Space Needle.