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The new manager is Rafael Benitez.

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Q: What is the name of the new inter Milan boss?
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Which spurs player was acclaimed as superstar after his performance against inter Milan this week?

It is their Welsh winger Gareth bale, called the new Ryan Giggs.

How is the new ac milan physio name?


How come Hernan Crespo and Ronaldo are used as Substitutes for they're Club?

They Are used as Subs because Crespo is on loan for Inter Milan and the already have 5 more Strikers in they're team and Ronaldo is new and also have 5 Strikers in AC Milan.

What color is the new inter Milan away kit?

This season, it's a horrible sort of pastel shade of orange for the away shirt with dark blue shorts. There's a third kit as well, a fluorescent yellow shirt, again with dark blue shorts.

Who wasth spurs player was acclaimed a superstar after his performance against Inter Milan this week?

It is the Welsh winger Gareth Bale, he is called the new Ryan Giggs.He outran Maicon who is 30 years.

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