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In the NBA, the city of Los Angeles has two professional teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers

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Q: What is the name of the male basketall team for Los Angeles?
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What is the name of the LA football team?

It used to be the Los Angeles Rams, but there is no longer a Los Angeles Football team.

Who are the two national teams that play in Los Angeles?

There are 2 Major League Baseball teams that have Los Angeles as part of their team name but only the Los Angeles Dodgers (which is a National League team) actually plays in Los Angeles, California whereas theother team with the city name, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (who are an American League team) actually play in Anaheim, California.

The name of the Los Angeles football team?

They don't have one.

What is the name of La's professional soccer team?

Los Angeles Galaxy

How did the California Angels get their name?

"Los Angeles" is Spanish for "The Angels." Or, perhaps more to the point would be, "The Angels" is English for "Los Angeles." The Angels were originally called the Los Angeles Angels; the name "Angels" coming from the city's name, "The City of Angels." Los Angeles translated means "City of the Angels". This is most likely how the team got their moniker. Los Angeles means "city of Angles" so the team in result the team named the Angels.

What is the name of the MLS team that Landon Donavon plays for?

Los Angeles Galaxy

What is UCLA full team name?

University Of California Los Angeles UCLA

What is Team Aqua's Admin's name?

There is Shelly (Female) and Matt (Male).

What is the name of the NFL team in Utah?

Unlikely. The market the NFL wants for a team is Los Angeles.

What is California's football team's name?

Los Angeles Galaxy Football Club, based in Los Angeles (More commonly referred to as LA Galaxy).

What NFL team has the name young male horses?

The Indiana Colts

How do you spell dorgers?

The correct spelling is "dodgers." It refers to the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.