What is the name of the group angels?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: What is the name of the group angels?
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What is the name of the group of motorcycle riders that are mean?

They would be the "Hells Angels" motorcycle group.

What is a group of angles called?

A group of angles is called a polygram. A group of angels is referred to as a "Host of Angels".

What is the name of the crime watch group that started years ago in New York city?

The Guardian Angels

Who founded the gaurdian angels in new york?

Curtis Sliwa founded the Guardian Angels in 1979 (an earlier version of the group was created under a different name in 1977).

What girl group is featured in Jersey Boys?

I believe it was The Angels

What is league of angels?

It's a group of angels that work together to defend us from daemons.

Is angels a collective noun?

No, a collective noun is a word for a group of people or things. Angel is not a word for a group, angel is an individual.The noun angel is a singular, common, abstract noun. Some collective nouns for angels are a host of angels or a choir of angels.

What do you call a number of angel?

A group of angels is called a "host."

How did the Los Angeles Angels get the name Angels?

the word angels is in Angeles, you fool

Who are the Morandi Angels group?

The Morandi Angels group is a Romanian Europop music group. The members include Marius Moga and Andrei Stefan Ropcea. They have been very successful throughout Europe.

Who sings in the us cellular commercial where they're making snow angels?

The song is sung by the group Sleepy Rebels. the name of the song is Kaliedescope.

What is the heavenly host?

a group of angels singing about heaven