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Dona Ganguly

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Q: What is the name of saurav ganguly's wife?
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What is the meaning of the name Saurav?

Divine, Celestial

When was Saurav Mohapatra born?

Saurav Mohapatra was born in 1978.

What is the name of the school where saurav ganguly's daughter studying now?

loreto house

When was Saurav Ghosal born?

Saurav Ghosal was born on 1986-08-10.

What is height of Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly?

rahul - 5"11 Saurav- 5"11

How old is Saurav Ganguly?

Saurav Ganguly was born July 8, 1972 which would make him 35.

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Who is the father of saurav ganguly?

Chandi Ganguly

Where was saurav ganguly born?

Behala, Kolkata, India

Saurav Ganguly wickets catches?

36 36

Where Saurav Ganguly played his first match?