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Q: What is the name of Auckland rugby team?
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What is the name of the home ground of the Auckland rugby team?

Eden Park

What New Zealand rugby team plays at Eden Park?

Eden Park is the home of the Auckland provincial rugby union team and the Auckland Blues Super Rugby franchise.

What are the colors of Auckland's rugby team?

Blue and White

What is the name of Auckland's park where most of the rugby world cup will be in?

Eden Park will host the major games of the tournament in Auckland.

When was Auckland Rugby Football Union created?

Auckland Rugby Football Union was created in 1883.

Name of the netball Auckland team?


What is the name of the Auckland cricket team?

black caps or

When was the first rugby match in Auckland?


How did rugby player Ali Williams get on the Auckland 'All Black' team?

According to the "nzgirl" website (refer to the link, below): "(Ali) Williams made his test debut of the All Blacks after playing just two seasons for the Auckland Blues and with five [previous] years of rugby experience."

What is Romania's rugby team name?

The Romanian national rugby team is also known as The Oaks. The team's emblem is an Oak leaf.

What is the name of the Australian rugby team?

The Wallabies.

What is the name of the Mexican rugby team?