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The answer is six.

Load the bases with 3 singles (3)

single up the middle, runner thrown out at home 3 times in a row. (6)

The answer is six, but not in the manner listed above, which are actually 3 fielders choices. The real answer is:

2 singles to start the inning. Runners at first and second.

2 more singles with the lead runner thrown out at home. First and second, two out.

1 more single to load the bases. Bases loaded, two out.

The sixth batter hits a ball that hits one of the runners. The runner is the third out, and the batter is credited with a single.

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It doesnt matter how many hits or runs the team gets what matters when the team gets the 3 out is the end of the inning

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Q: What is the most hits a team can get in 1 inning without scoring a run?
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What is the most hits in a major league inning by one team without scoring a run?

I don't know what the actual answer is, but I say 6 hits without scoring a run is theoretically possible: three hits to load the bases, two fielder's choice outs of the lead runners, then two more singles to load the bases again. Then the 6th hit would be a batted ball into a baserunner. The baserunner would be the 3rd out and the batter is credited with a hit. Or the 6th hit could be, although unlikely, an infield hit where there's an attempted putout at 1st, then the batter rounds 1st in attempt to go to 2nd and is immediately tagged out before the run crosses the plate.

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