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Umm, no. Composite bats are the most expensive. And Louisville's Triton is the most expensive $399 for an Adult -3. The other composite bats, Easton IMX, Demarini CF3, Nike Aero Fuse are $379. Take a look at for detailed information.Also you can get a wooden bat for 650.00 plus tax which makes you wonder am I going to spend a paycheck on a bat that I will use a couple of times?

Easton Stealth is also $399 for a -3

wrong wrong wrong. the CF5 is new for 2012, and is going to be the most expensive bat. right now the CF4 is sitting at $450, while the Easton Speed is $430. I have the CF4 and absoutely love it

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The Demarini CF5 @ $419.99.

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Q: What is the most expensive baseball bat?
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What is the most expensive wood youth baseball bat on the market?

It will cost 1,000,000 dollars to buy any bat and any size.

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There are many expensive bats on the market but the most expensive for 2010 (which are actually 2011 modles) are the Cf4 (Demarini) ,Nanoteck (Anderson), Speed (Easton), and cx2 (Nike). All of their -3 modles are 400 dollars .

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Not necessarily the brand but the quality of the bat. Most name brands make an excellent bat.

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No, it is not.

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