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very dry

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Q: What is the main climate type in Jordan?
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Do most areas of Jordan have a desert climate?

Yes, about 90% of Jordan is considered to have a hot desert climate.

What climate zones exist in California?

California has a Mediterranean type climate. There are 5 main zones. The climate zones that exist in California are the Coastal Climate, the Desert Climate, and the Foothill Climate. It also has a Mountain Climate and a Valley Climate.

Main type of transportation in the tropical savanna climate zone?

hi clay

What type of climate does the country Jordan have?

Jordan has a predominantly arid desert climate, characterized by hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall is low and sporadic, mainly occurring between November and April. Temperatures can vary significantly between day and night.

What the climate of Jordan?

It is very hot & dry in the summer and is cold and snowing in the winter.Read more:geography-of-jordan

What are the main biomes defined by?

The main biomes are defined by factors such as climate, vegetation types, and patterns of biodiversity. These factors help classify different regions into distinct biomes such as tropical rainforest, temperate forest, grasslands, deserts, and tundra. Each biome has unique characteristics that influence the types of plants and animals that can thrive there.

What type of climate is in Jordan?

Jordan is pretty much desert. So just imagine that lol. In the winter months (Around december to march) it gets alot cooler, and tends to rain alot, but from April to November it tends to be very hot.

What is the main religion in Jordan?

The main religion in Jordan is Islam, with the majority of the population being Sunni Muslims. There are also small Christian and other minority communities in the country.

What type of government does Jordan have?

Jordan is a constitutional monarchy.

Which of the following is NOT a main climate zone in Europe?

Well there are only four main climate zones in Europe, so if they are not a part of the list, then they are not a main climate zone in Europe. The main climate zones are Mediterranean Climate, Continental Climate, Oceanic Climate, and Subarctic Climate. These climate zones may also be expressed as regions: Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Northern Europe.

What are the main issues in the country of Jordan?

The main religon is Muslim

What is Jordan's main language?