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35 runs by Zimbabwe against Sri Lanka

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Q: What is the lowest score in a ODI Cricket Match?
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What was the lowest cricket ODI score?

35 runs by Zimbabwe against Sri Lanka

Which team holds the record for the lowest score in a One Day International cricket match?

Lowest One Day International Team ScoreZimbabwe holds the record for the lowest scoring ODI match against Sri Lanka in Harare on 25 April 2004. Their score, in the 18 overs of the match, was 35. this isn't a one day international score but this is a first class score Northants vs Gloucs in Gloucester in 1907 12 all out

Who has the highest score in first class ODI cricket?

First-class and ODI are different things. First-class is any match at a first-class level with two innings per team. ODI is a 50/50 international match. Therefore this question cannot be answered.

Lower most score in ODI cricket?

only 36 runs were scored by Canada against sri lanka in a world cup match

What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'ODI' in terms of cricket?

One Day International"ODI" is an abbreviation of a "One Day International" cricket match.

How many match in cricket?

3265 international ODI cricket matches have been played since the 1970s (the year of first ODI)

Which team had beats by Biggest score in cricket odi?


The best ODI match score for Pakistan is?


When Rahul Dravid took his retirement from ODI Cricket?

Rahul Dravid took retirement from ODI Cricket after his last ODI match against England on 16, September, 2011 at Cardiff.

Who was the first Indian to score a century in ODI cricket?


What is the present Indian cricket captain's total ODI score?


Who who was the first Indian batsman to score a century In ODI cricket?

kapil dev