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Jim hart to bobby more 1972 st Louis vs rams 98 ys

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Q: What is the longest pass in the NFL history without a touchdown?
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What's the Longest pass in Cleveland Browns history that wasn't a touchdown?

Kosar to Slaughter most likely

What was the longest touchdown scored by a Pittsburgh Steeler?

Mark Malone caught the longest touchdown pass in Steelers history which covered 90 yards. It was thrown by Terry Bradshaw against the Seattle Seahawks on November 8, 1981.

Who threw the longest pass completion in Cowboys history?

The longest pass play in Dallas Cowboys history occurred at Washington on November 13, 1966, when wide receiver Bob Hayes caught a 95-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Don Meredith.

What was the longest pass ever thrown at a super bowl game?

The longest pass completion in Super Bowl history was 85 yards when Muhsin Mahammad hauled in a pass for the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII. This is not a touchdown pass just a completion pass.

Who holds the record for the longest pass?

Tom Brady holds the record for the longest pass in NFL history, with a 99-yard touchdown pass to Wes Welker in 2011 while playing for the New England Patriots.

What wasOtto Graham's longest touchdown pass?

Otto Graham's longest touchdown pass was 84 yards.

Who has the Pittsburgh Steelers longest touchdown pass?

Terry Bradshaw completed a 90 yard pass to Mark Malone in 1981.

What is the longest pass Peyton Manning has completed?

An 86 yard touchdown to Marcus Pollard in 2001.

Who has the most pass attempts in a super bowl without a touchdown pass?

Terry Collins

What was the longest pass in college football history?

Hollenbach to Hayward-Bay(Maryland)- 96 yards touchdown Clay Groefsema to Shawn Watson, 99 yards vs. Whittier 2001

What is the Colts longest pass play from scrimmage?

A 90 yard touchdown pass from Bert Jones to Roger Carr against the Jets in 1975.

Who has the longest yard touchdown pass for the titans?

The longest touchdown pass in Titans franchise history was 98 yards from Jacky Lee to Willard Dewveall on November 25, 1962 against the San Diego Chargers when the team was playing as the Houston Oilers. Since the team moved to Tennessee, the longest TD pass is 80 yards by 2 QBs ... Kerry Collins to Kenny Britt on October 24, 2010 against the Philadelphia Eagles and Matt Hasselback to Kenny Britt on September 11, 2011 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.