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Chelsea, with Petr Cech in goal hold the record for the longest period of time without conceding a goal. Between the 12th of December 2004, when Thierry Henry scored for Arsenal, and the 5th of March 2005, when Leon McKenzie of Norwich scored, Chelsea did not concede, a time span of 1025 minutes, or 17 hours and 5 minutes.

(Premiership only)

Manchester United with Edwin van der Sar in goal broke this record in the 2008-09 season when they went 1,311mins (about 14 1/2 games) without conceding a Premier League goal.

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This record is now held by the Dutch goalkeeper at Manchester United, he broke the record held by the Cech Republic goalkeeper of Chelsea.

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Q: What is the longest number of hours a team has gone without conceding a goal in top flight football?
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