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it was Old Trafford at 65,000 then Millenium Stadium Cardiff 70,000 New wembley is 80,000+ and Old Trafford now the corners have been opened up is nearer 100,000. Thames AFC played in the football league from 1928 to 1932 at the 120,000 capacity West Ham Stadium, purposely built for Greyhound and Speedway Racing. Their average gate was 2,469. The stadium was demolished in the early 70s. New Brighton Tower F.C played in the Football League from 1897 to 1901. Their ground capacity was 80,000, but averaged gates of c. 1000.

Odsal Stadium, home of Bradford Bulls Rugby League Club, held a crowd of 102,569 on 5 May 1954.

Wembley is actually 90,000. Not 100,000+.and old trafford is around 75,000. So Wembley Stadium is The BIGGEST stadium in the world!!!!

Actually Wembley is not even close to being the largest stadium in the world, the Azadi stadium in Tehran curently holds 100,000- seated. Wembley is CURRENTLY the largest stadium in the UK as it is an all seater, but previously standing grounds have held more. The record in Britain is officially Hampden Park with 149,415 in 1937. (White Horse final does not count as no registered attendance. FYI after Wembley, Twickenham has the largest seated cappacity at approx 80,000... I know it's Rugby. Interestingly the Maracana Stadium in Brazil once held 200,000+ during a final against Uraguay. See

Actually, the Rungrado May Day Stadium in North Korea has a seating capacity of 150,000, and is the largest non-motorsport stadium in the world. Basically, no other stadium, whether football or bullfighting, even comes close!

1970 : attendance 136,505 European Cup Semi-Final : Celtic v Leeds United; Arguably the most memorable European Cup Final, Real Madrid v Eintracht Frankfurt, was held at Hampden in ...

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M.E.N Area or 02 Arena

MEN holds 21,000

O2 holds 20,000

Definitely not the LG Arena where Dr Zakir Naik will be talking

According to various sources the O2 arena actually has a 23,000 capacity, which would make it the largest arena venue in the United Kingdom.

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The UK's biggest indoor arena is in Manchester i think.

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Carrier dome.

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Wembley stadium

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Q: What is the largest capacity arena in the UK?
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Which arena has the largest capacity in the world?

the largest capaticy in the world is YOU!!

What are the two largest and best concert halls in London?

The O2 Arena (20,000 capacity) and Wembley Arena (12,500 capacity) are the largest indoor concert venues in London.

What is the largest indoor arena in the world?

currently, the largest indoor arena will be set in the philippines named "PHILIPPINE ARENA" with 50,000 capacity. it will be officially open on July 2014.

What is the largest arena in the world?

The Philippine Arena in the City of Victory in Bulacan, Philippines. It has 55,000 seat capacity. It is also the most expensive because it cost about US$214 million. The arena is owned by Iglesia ni Cristo.

What is the capacity of Esprit Arena?

The capacity of Esprit Arena is approximately 54,600.

What is the capacity of the Utah Jazz arena?

EnergySolutions Arena has a capacity of 19,911

What is the capacity of Amsterdam ArenA?

The capacity of Amsterdam Arena is approximately 53,052.

What is the seating capacity at Oracle arena?

The capacity of the Oracle Arena is 19,596.

How many seats is there in o2 arena?

The O2 in London - With a capacity of up to 20,000 - 23,000 depending on the event. It is one of the largest indoor arenas in Europe alongside the MEN Arena in Manchester, the Lanxess Arena in Cologne and the Belgrade Arena in Belgrade.

What is the capacity of Veltins-Arena?

The capacity of Veltins-Arena at Gelsenkirchen in Germany is 61,973.

What is the capacity of Imtech Arena?

The capacity of Imtech Arena at Hamburg in Germany is 57,000.

What is the capacity of Allianz Arena?

The capacity of Allianz Arena at Munich in Germany is 71,437.