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Q: What is the hockey team for Stockton CA?
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What is Ca nada's ice hockey team called?

Team Canada

What is the county of stockton?

There is no county of Stockton. Stockton is a city in the in San Joaquin Valley of CA.

What year did stockton CA have the highest murder rate?

Stockton, CA had their highest murder rate in 2012.

Where can I buy a pen camera near stockton or sacramento CA?

There is a Wolf Camera in Stockton, CA that should have a pen camera. 6506 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95207. (209) 477-9421

What is the population of stockton ca?

The population of Stockton, California, is approximately 298,000.

How many road miles from San Jose CA to Stockton CA?

It is 78 road miles from san Jose to stockton.

Was Stockton ever the capital of Ca?


Where is the Stockton Thunder Hockey League located?

Stockton Thunder Hockey league is located in Stockton, California. They used to be known as Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies. The league was founded in 1990. Their head coach is Matt Thomas.

What is the distance from San Diego to stockton?

The total driving distance from San Diego, CA to Stockton, CA is 459 miles or 739 kilometers.

What is the distance from Stockton CA to Long Beach CA?

365 miles

How many miles is it from stockton ca to napa ca?

51.98 miles

What is the driving distance from Carson CA to Stockton CA?

About 355 miles.