What is the goal of truth?

Updated: 11/19/2022
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Q: What is the goal of truth?
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Did Sojourner Truth reach her goal?

Yes, she did. She fully accomplished her goal after she died

How are Buddhists supposed to find the way to truth?

The goal of Buddhism is nibbana (nirvana), the cessation of suffering. Truth is never specifically defined as the goal. Truthful speech, however, is defined as an essential part of the way to the goal.

What was the goal of philosophers?

To bring about the truth in society.

What are the goal of science?

One goal of science is to explain how things in nature operate. It also sets out to provide truth and facts.

What is advancement of knowledge?

In its purest form, "the goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.

Subtly different than Mark Antonys appeal in Julius Caesar the goal of is to discover a truth through reasoning?

Subtly different than Mark Antony's appeal in Julius Caesar the goal of argument is to discover a truth through reasoning.

What is one of the greatest impediments in the courts' search for truth?

While it's true that the court may search for truth - its' far larger goal is in meting out justice. It is fortunate and wonderful thing when the two happen to coincide.

What was the answer of the Hinduism to life's great question?

life's great question is what is the Ultimate truth? Answer of Hinduism by meditating and attaining highest goal of life.

Subtly different than Mark Antony's appeal in Julius Caesar he goal of is to discover a truth through reasoning?

This is called an argument.

What was the main goal of enlightenment philosophes?

The main goal of Enlightenment philosophes was to promote reason, individualism, and progress in society. They sought to challenge traditional authority and promote scientific thinking and human rights.

Why do many blame maradona for hand of god goal and not the ref who allowed it?

The answer lies in the relationship between the perceivers' belief in who they want to win and the truth.

What is eternal Truth?

The truth of life is the eternal truth. It is eternal because it is everlasting. It was always the truth, and it will remain the truth forever. But what is this truth all about? The truth is what we see around us, that we human beings come with nothing and go with nothing, that everybody has to die, that death is not the end, because the one that was alive leaves the body, and as long as we believe that we are the ego and the mind we carry our karma and we come back, and the cycle goes on and on. Therefore, the eternal truth is understanding our goal through inference - that we are the Soul and we must be liberated and united with the Divine. This is the eternal truth. It cannot be defined, it has to be realized, it has to be realized through an experience called inference. But this is the truth and there is no other truth than this - the Divine is everywhere, in everything. You and me are nothing but energy, we are all Divine energy, we are manifestations of the Divine. This is the truth.