What is the girls name on dodgeball?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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In the film 'dodgeball' the female player for the average joe's is called Kate Veatch.

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Q: What is the girls name on dodgeball?
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What is the Russian womens name from dodgeball?

Fran Stalinofskivitchdavitovichskiувернуться, увиливать

Was Jim Carrey in dodgeball?

No, he was not in Dodgeball

What was missi Pyle's character's name in Dodgeball movie?

Missi Pyle played Fran in the movie Dodgeball. She also starred in Anchorman that same year 2004

A old dodgeball player?

There are no legitimate professional dodgeball players.

How do you play Prison Dodgeball?

its a simple answer really..........there is no prison dodgeball

What was the German lady in the film dodgeball called?

The character's name is Fran and she is played by Missi Pyle

What is the perimeter of a dodgeball pitch?

The Dodgeball pitch is the same size of a basketball court.

When was National Dodgeball League created?

National Dodgeball League was created in 2004.

When was Extreme Dodgeball created?

Extreme Dodgeball was created on 2004-06-15.

When did Double D Dodgeball happen?

Double D Dodgeball happened in 2008.

When did Super Dodgeball Brawlers happen?

Super Dodgeball Brawlers happened in 2008.

Who played the romanian dodgeball player Fran in the movie dodgeball?

Missi Pyle