What is the fushigi ball phone number?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: What is the fushigi ball phone number?
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What is the Fushigi Magic Ball number to order it?

i think it is '1800 682 7690' if I'm wrong, and a old man picks up looking for cheese, well, ummm, hang up! lol just kidding, but i think that is the FUSHIGI MAGIC BALL phone number to call! i found it online!

What ball defies friction?

Fushigi Ball

How much is shipping and handling for the fushigi ball?

$6.99 is the shipping and handeling and the fushigi ball it's self costs $19.99

Where can you buy a fushigi ball?

you can only get fushigi online, or maybe at the as seen on TV store

Can you get a fushigi ball at target?

no not yet

How can you get a free fushigi ball?

You can't!

Can a fushigi ball break?

yes it can

Where is the fushigi ball company located?


What year was the fushigi ball invented?

The Fushigi ball was popularized in 2011 as an illusion toy. It is essentially a clear ball that creates the illusion of floating and moving on its own. The concept of contact juggling, which involves manipulating a ball to create the illusion of it moving on its own, has been around for much longer, but Fushigi specifically became popular in 2011.

How do you make a fushigi?

Any round ball can be made to work like a Fushigi. A baseball, a lacrosse ball (recommended) or even an orange can be used to do all the tricks you can do with a Fushigi (and it won't be any harder to learn). (or...) A fushigi ball is a solid chrome ball surrounded by a layer of polycarbonate. Unless you have a solid chrome ball and some melted polycarbonate then you should stick to the basics. Take an old tennis ball and cut a slit in it then take a heavier ball and stick it inside. Hot glue the slit together then......viola! your own home made fushigi!

When will the fushigi ball hit stores?

The Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball will hit the stores in October 2010 at Toys R US only!

Is the fushigi ball a normal ball?

The Fushigi ball is not a normal ball. It is a clear acrylic ball that appears to float and move on its own due to manipulation by the user's hands. It is marketed as a novelty toy for performing illusions and tricks.