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Virender Sehwag scored 200 in 140 balls (He eventually scored 219 from 149 balls) when West Indies toured India. He beats Sachin Tendulkar's record who took 149 balls to score the first ODI double century.

ODI no. 3223

Played at Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore

8 December 2011

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Virendra Sehwag for 309 v/s Pakistan at Multan

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Corey J.Andreson holds the record of hitting second fastest ODI Century.

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Q: What is the fastest double century in odi history?
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Who is the fastest odi century maker?

Shahid Afride (Pakistan)

Who scored fastest century in ODI?

Shahid Afridi / 37 balls

Who scored the fastest odi century beating the record of shahid afridi?

corey anderson

Who is the fastest bowler in ODI?

Shohaib Akter is the fastest bowler in ODI

Shahid afrid's fastest centurey?

Hi Dude, Fastest century in ODI was hit by Shahid Afridi Vs Sri Lanka. He scored century in just 36 balls.

Who is the first Indian to score double century?

Polly Umrigar was the first Indian to score a double century in Tests. Sachin Tendulkar was the first Indian to score a double century in ODI.

Who is hit first double centurry in ODI?

Sachin Tendulkar hit first double century in ODI. He scored 200 runs against South Africa with a strike rate of 136.05.

Fastest run getter indian in odi?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the fastest run getter in the Indian ODI.

Who holds the record for the fastest century in odi cricket?

Shahid Khan Afridi, He made 102 Runs in just 37 Balls.

Who quick fifty in odi?

Sanath Jayasuriya made the fastest fifty in ODI.

Fastest 10000 runs in odi in least matches?

Sachain Tandolker made the fastest 10000 run in ODI in least matches.

Who took the fastest 400 wickets in ODI cricket?

Waqar Younis in 252 ODI's.