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My guess would be it comes from a navy saying "all hands on deck"

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Q: What is the etymology or history of the baseball term 'on deck'?
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What is the term for the origin and history of a word?

The term is etymology.

What term do you use for the history or origin of a word?

The etymology of a word is it's history, development and derivation.

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Etymology is the study of the origin and history of words, including their form and meaning.

What is the term for a words origin?

The term for a word's origin is etymology. It refers to the study of the history and development of words, including their origins, changes in form and meaning over time, and the influences of different languages and cultures.

What is navy term for floor?

Deck. "Hit the deck" = "Get on the floor" etc.

What is the etymology of the word showboat?

The etymology is derived from the noun "show" and the word "boat". It was first introduced in the 1800's as a term to describe artistic performances on a boat.

Make a sentence using the word etymology?

The etymology of the word "vaccine" can be traced back to the Latin term "vaccīnus," meaning "pertaining to cows," due to the early use of cowpox in vaccination.

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In ship architecture, the term 'Poop deck' refers to the deck area at the stern (rear, aft) part of the ship which is directly above a stern cabin. This deck is essentially the roof of the cabin in that location. The term derives from the French word for stern (la poupe).

Where did the baseball term in the hole come from?

Best I can determine, the term "In the hole", referred to the batter following the batter on deck. Looking at old baseball movies, some of the footage actually showed a second circle painted on the field between the on deck circle and the dugout. At one time, both the on deck batter and the in the hole batter both knelt in their circles awaiting their turns. Somehow the in the hole circle has no longer been painted on the latter day fields, probably for safety reasons, but the batter following the on deck batter is still considered to be in the hole.

Etymology of science term?

The word "science" comes from the Latin word "scientia," meaning knowledge. It evolved from the Old French term "sciente" before being adopted into English. The term is used to describe the systematic study of the natural world through observation and experimentation.