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Q: What is the drop bat size for Georgia middle school?
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Our high school track looks bigger than the middle school track?

highschool track is the same size as middle

What is the size of flood middle school in englewood Colorado?


In track how many laps is 800m and 1600m?

It depends on the track size. Middle school tracks are commonly half the size of "normal" high school tracks. 800m is either 4 laps on a middle school size track or 2 laps on a high school size track. 1600m is either 8 or 4.

How deep are middle school lockers?

Lockers differ in size at different schools, so there is no precise size.

What football position should i play at 5'1 110 in middle school?

play cornerback i was the exact same size as you and i was starting cornerback for my varsity middle school team

How big is a middle school gym?

The size of a middle school basketball is 29.5 inches.

How many students are in a average US middle school classroom?

The average number of students for a middle school classroom is anywhere from 25-30 students depending on the class and the size of the school district.

When did the size of a women's basketball change?

1984. I was going from high school to playing as a freshman at Georgia Tech when they switched.

How high is the backboard on a basketball hoop in a middle school?

Throughout middle school, high school, college and professional basketball, the backboards are the same size. They are also the same distance off of the floor at 10 feet.

How do you design a parachute for a middle school project?

For a middle school project, you should design a parachute that is the right size for a small action figure. You can make the parachute out of an old pair of parachute pants.

How long should your penis size be if your are in middle school?

Ok...well, if your in middle school, you are probably around 12-15 years old, so you should be around 4" to 6".

What is the length of a school corridor?

It is approximately 1.5 ( one and a half ) mile ! Really depends on the school but that most of schools middle size or big :)