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9 feet 6 17/32 inches.

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Q: What is the distance of the lower edge of the basketball backboard from the floor?
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What is the height of the basketball backboard?

The rim of a basketball net is always a standard 10 feet from the ground, whereas the backboard is not. Glass backboards generally don't extend lower than a few inches below the rim, making them somewhere over 9 feet from the ground.

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How high is a standard basketball ring for wheel chair basketball?

The official regulation is 10' from the top of the rim to the floor in High School, College, and the Pros. In elementary school it is sometimes set to a lower level for these younger players but there is no official rule on this and it is left up to the administrators at that school.

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How do you lower or raise a basketball net?

There are usually two ways to lower a basketball net. Either there will be a lever on the back, and you would scroll that around to raise or lower, or there is a lever, and you pull it down to raise the net and push it up to lower the net.

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