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Q: What is the distance from the baseline to the top of the key?
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A two guard in basketball is where you what?

I'm guessing that means where there are two guards at the top of the key, when playing defense, and the forwards and centres along the baseline.

Aspect of typography Called X-height?

Type out this line in your graphics program, and make it real big: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Typesetter's Back. Now draw four horizontal lines. The top line sits on top of the capital letters. The next line rests on top of the minuscule U's and the Z. The next line goes under the minuscule H's and K's. (This is the baseline.) The bottom line goes under the descenders on the P's and Y's. The distance between the baseline and the line right above it is the x-height--note it sits right on top of the minuscule X. We call it the x-height because the minuscule X is the only letter in the whole face that won't extend below the baseline or above the x-height line. (You'll notice the round letters actually extend below the baseline and above the x-height line--if they don't, they look squashed.) The distance between the baseline and the very top line is the ascender height. And the distance from the baseline to the bottom line is the descender height.

What is the height of a peak or a trough In science?

In science, the height of a peak or a trough is the maximum distance from the peak to the baseline or from the trough to the baseline. It represents the amplitude of the wave or signal at that point.

How we know the distance to the pleiades star cluster?

The most accurate current measurements are from very long baseline interferometry.

What elements are included in the Performance Measurement Baseline?

The Performance Measurement Baseline includes the project scope, schedule, and cost baseline. It sets the parameters for measuring and monitoring project performance against planned objectives. It is a key component of project management for tracking progress and ensuring project success.

Top ten animation centre in world for distance studying?

World is one of those cases that is of key greatness and you will require expert attendance about

What is the distance from Marathon Key FL to Key West FL?

The driving distance is 52.6 miles.

Which is a key aspect of performing a server baseline?

Type your answer here... Avoid system lockups by ensuring that the server will not run out of disk space

How far away is the out line from the basket?

The perpendicular distance from the inside of the baseline to the center of the goal or basket is 5 foot 3 inches.

What is the distance between short stop to first base in college?

100.623 feet if playing in the baseline exactly between 2nd and 3rd

What is the base line of a radio telescope array?

The distance between the two antennae that are the farthest apart is the baseline of a radio telescope array..

How do you use the word baseline in a sentence?

There was a baseline for software construction in company. This is an example sentence containing baseline word.