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Hurdler:your hands make a t-motion,your leg goes up,the opposite leg has the knee pointing to the ground. Herkie:your hands are in touchdown motion and then the same goes for hurdler.

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Q: What is the difference between the jump herkie and hurdler?
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Is there 9 jumps in cheerleading?

* Toe Touch * Tuck Jump * Right Herkie * Left Herkie * Front Hurdler * Side Hurdler * Left Hurdler * Right Hurdler * Star Jump * Pike * Pencil/Prep Jump * Around the World * Double Nine * Double Jump (referrs to when a jump is done twice in a row) As you can see there are many more than 9 jumps...way more...i didn't even list them all i'm a varsity cheerleeader who has done cheer for 7 years now so i would know

Did Sam Houston invent the herkie jump?

Hahaha, no Sam Houston did not invent the herkie jump.Lawrence Herkimer invented the herkie :)

Who made cheerleading a sport?

Johnny Campell in 1898, then from there 1948 Lawrence "herkie" Herkimer in vented the jump herkie!

Who is the hurkey named after?

Lawrence Herkimere. He is the person who invented the herkie jump. He named it after himself.

Why does terry jump?

hes a famous Olympic champion hurdler on the wii

In cheerleading what are the parts of a jump?

There are toe-touches or russians, left hurkey/hurdler, right hurkey/hurdler, left front, right front, and a pike

How do you do a herkie?

you jump up in the air your front leg is straight in the air and you back leg is bent

How many hurdles must a 100- meter hurdler jump over?

omar sharif is famous in which international sportes ?

Ways to increase height of cheerleading jump toe touches hurdler pikeetc?

Splits and stretch every day

Who invented the herkie jump in cheer leading?

Lawrence Herkieimer in 1949, he also invented the "pom poms" and the spirit stick, along with the booster ribbons.

What is difference between short and near jumps in Intel Microprocessors?

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What is the difference between climbing off and climbing?

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