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really just the milling, they are exactly the same marker underneith the IQ just had the certification to be sold overseas as well

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Q: What is the difference between the Dangorous power g3 and the g3 IQ?
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Will the difference between IQ levels of 150 and 155 be similar to difference between IQ levels of 95 and 100?

Difference between IQ levels of 150 and 155 will be similar to differences between IQ levels of 95 and 100

What is the difference between a blonde and a potato?

about 3 IQ points

What is the difference between aptitude and IQ?

Aptitude is the innate ability to do a given task. IQ may indicate the likliness (or unlikliness) of the ability to understand how to learn how to do that task.

Difference between Wechsler Scales and the SBIS?

A great difference is that Wechsler scale doens't calculate your IQ the same way as STanford-binet intelligence scale. 132 iQ (wechsler) => something like the SBIS scale. You will find a really complete answer by going on best-iq-test (dot) on the title: IQ: IQ Test scales - The Stanford-Binet scale.

What is the difference between filipino chemist to forent chemist?

the difference is .. sometimes it was base in the curriculum of the other foreign chemist .. but then . still the Filipino have a Higg IQ ., and where ever in the World ., i think Filipinos are much more Knowledge .. and IQ ..

Are girls smarter then boys?

There is no statically significant difference between the average IQ scores of men and woman

Is there a correlation between IQ and the amount of wealth acquired?

There isn't any correlation between gathering wealth and IQ. Many factors are involved on becoming rich and keeping themselves rich. If it was true, IQ and wealth involved, rich men would not lose their wealth never. Desire of success and power leads many persons with a medium IQ to become rich.

What is seardan darrows IQ?

His IQ is between 100-110

Why is there a difference in IQ of people?

genious idiot and normal

What percent of the population has IQ scores between 70 and 130?

About 95% of the population has IQ scores between 70 and 130. This is the average range on a standard IQ test.

What is your IQ?

An IQ is an Intelligence Quotient. If your IQ falls between 100-129 you are average. If your IQ is below 70 you are mentally retarded.

What are the release dates for IQ-145 - 2008 Knowledge Is Power?

IQ-145 - 2008 Knowledge Is Power was released on: USA: 16 May 2008