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a person who plays proffessional basketbal in nba league

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an athlete always do exercise and eat healthy food.

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Get up ,breakfast,game and sleep

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come on

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Q: What is the daily schedule of a NBA player?
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Who does the schedule for the NBA?

the NBA

How can you find out in advance whether a certain NBA player will be playing that night? has the schedule of every team.

How does NBA schedule the games?

The NBA schedules the games by a computer.

Is the NBA schedule balanced?


What does Cavs stand for in Cavs Schedule?

Cavs stands for Cleveland Cavaliers which is a team in the NBA. The Cavs Schedule refers to a schedule of the times and opponents of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team.

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a schedule that organizes your daily activities.

When is the 2010-2011 NBA schedule out?

August 10th

When is the NBA schedule released?

July/August 2009

What shows are on the Sports Network?

The Sports Network shows live coverage from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and more. For a daily viewing schedule, go online and visit the Sports Network website.

Who is the player on the NBA sign?

The NBA player on the NBA logo is Jerry West.

What are the release dates for NBA TV Daily - 2003?

NBA TV Daily - 2003 was released on: USA: 28 June 2003