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Q: What is the current average team age in the nhl in 2009?
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Which nba team has the youngest average age in 2009?

Portland Trailblazers have the youngest team in the NBA with an average age of 24.07

What is the average age of the Pakistan cricket team?

25-35 is average age of the Pakistan cricket team.

What is the current team age in the NHL 2009 2010?

Detroit was the oldest at around 30 average age, Chicago the youngest at an average of 25...and the average age for all the teams really is about 27-28. Most teams are a good mixture of veterans in their late 20s-early 30s, real young guys in late teens, early-to-mid 20s, and established players in their 20s usually. Most players don't become established until that average age of 27-28.

How old is hbk in 2009?

in 2009 he would have been 44 . 48 is his current age

What is current average age of human being?

80 +

What is the average age of Detroit tiger team?


England football team's average age?


What is the average age of an NFL football team in 2007?


What is the average age of England rugby union team?


What is the average age of the ny giants?

In the 2013 season, the New York Giants had the sixth-oldest team in the NFL with an average age of 26.66. The youngest team in the league was the St. Louis Rams at 24.98 years. The Detroit Lions had the oldest team with an average age of 27.15.

What age in the 2009 2010 season do you have to be in cheer to make a senior team?

To be on a senior team you must be at least 11.

Which AFL team is youngest in 2014?

The youngest AFL team in 2014 is the Western Bulldogs who have an average age of 23.