What is the capacity of Ewood Park?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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The stadium has a capacity of 31,367 people.

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Q: What is the capacity of Ewood Park?
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Who is the tenant of Ewood Park?

The tenant of Ewood Park is Blackburn Rovers F.C. in England.

How many square meters in Ewood park Blackburn?

The area of Ewood Park is equal to 105 x 69.5 = 7297.5 square metres.

What stadium do Blackburn Rovers play in?

Ewood Park

Which English football club play their home games at Ewood park?

Blackburn Rovers Football Club play at Ewood park.

What is Blackpool's Stadium called?

Bloomfield Road

What is the name of Blackburn Rovers stadium?

Blackburn Rovers currently play at Ewood Park.

How much does eWood cost?

i saw it was about $16 a length

What is the capacity of Borussia-Park?

The capacity of Borussia-Park is approximately 54,000.

What stadium is in the north west of England?

Premier League clubs;Ewood Park - Blackburn Rovers.Reebok Stadium - Bolton WanderersTurf Moor - BurnleyGoodison Park - EvertonAnfield - LiverpoolCity of Manchester Stadium - Manchester CityOld Trafford - Manchester UnitedDW Stadium - Wigan

What is the capacity of St James' Park?

The capacity of St. James Park is approximately 52,387.

What is the capacity of Kings Park Stadium?

The capacity of the Kings Park Stadium is approximately 55,000.

What is the capacity of PNC Park?

The capacity is 38,496