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the max specs blow hard

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Q: What is the best usssa 44 core softball?
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A softball comes in several sizes 44 and 47 core what is the core of a baseball?

It is COR not Core. Coefficient Of Restitution.

What is better a 44 core 400 compression or a 47 core 500 compression softball?


What is the difference between a 44 core to a 47 core softball?

The core rating on a softball refers to the bounce. For example, hold a core .44 in one hand a .47 in the other and drop-em. The core .47 will bounce higher. The major difference in the balls is the compression rating. The higher the compression, the harder the ball. Hard ball = more distance. Standard fastpitch is core .47, compression 375.

Kids pitch 9 - 10 year old boys how far from rubber to batter?

USSSA rules/bylaws - 9 year olds are 44 feet. 10 year olds are 46 feet. Most leagues and associations are the same. Some recreational leagues will have 9 year olds at 42 feet.

What does 44 cor mean softball?

Cor is the center of the softball. With the different sizes .47 or .44 these are the size of the cor inside the ball. How it affects the ball is the cor is like the sweet spot. You know how a bat has a sweet spot....well a ball has the same thing. The size is important because the bigger (.47) the sweet spot the better chance you have of hitting it and it making solid contact. So a bigger sweet spot is easier to hit and will like make the ball travel rather and faster.

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