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I wear Triple 8 pads, but I think most girls on my league prefer 187s. The general consensus seems to be that Protec pads are not very good.

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Q: What is the best roller derby knee protection?
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What do you knead to play roller derby?

some leagues dont make you wear much but most leagues make you wear a mouth guard,knee pads,helmet,wrist pads,elbow pads and of course actual skates and lots of girls have knee socks to make knee pads much more comfortable

Hay im doing home work and i need to know if roller derby players get paid get back 2 me asp THANKS?

Back in the 1980s and earlier, skaters who played roller derby did get paid. Currently, no roller derby skaters (that I know of) get paid to play, though it would certainly be nice! :) In fact, playing roller derby can be quite expensive! You have to buy your gear (skates, wheels, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, helmets, mouth guards, etc) and your uniform, and most leagues charge dues to cover rental for the practice space, league insurance, and other fees. Many leagues are nonprofit organizations, so all the money they raise goes back into the league to pay for things like flyers, tickets, venue rental, EMTs, security, and travel. Nonprofit leagues also do charity work, either holding charity bouts to donate proceeds to a given charity or by volunteering and raising money in other ways.

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go to footlocker to buy it it addais pad knee protection

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