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You can't really average it, because the size depends on the purpose and type. Such as coliseum, football, Baseball, etc...

In my opinion, all stadiums should be 625ft in diameter. Why? Because Miles, feet, and inches all come from ancient Roman measurements. One of them would be a "furlong", which in Latin is "stadium", and measures exactly 625ft.

Just a thought.

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The smallest is the Colts' RCA dome at 60,272.

largest is the Redskins' FedEx Field at 80,000

But they average about 70,000

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Q: What is the average capacity of a football stadium?
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What is the capacity of villarreal stadium?

The capacity of the Villareal football club stadium is 42,890.

What is the seating capacity of Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium?

Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium has a seating capacity of 50,000 people.

What's the stadium capacity of the Michigan Wolverines Football stadium?


What is the capacity of rcd espanyol stadium?

The name of RCD Espanyol football club stadium is Cornella-El Prat.

What is the capacity of Liverpool football club stadium?

Anfield has a capacity of 45,362.

Biggest football stadium in world?

In Capacity, it's the May Day Stadium in North Korea with a 150,000 capacity.

What is the largest seating capacity for a college football stadium?

The Pennsylvania State University's Beaver Stadium. 110,000

What is the maximum capacity of the Nebraska football stadium?


What is the capacity of the ljudski vrt football stadium?

According to wikipedia the capacity is 12,435

How many does St Mary's Football Stadium hold?

The Capacity of St Mary's football stadium is up to 32,689 people.

What is the seating capacity of Sun Life Stadium?

Sun Devil Stadium has a seating capacity of 56,232 people.

What is the capacity of Ryan Field Stadium?

The capacity of Ryan Field Stadium is 47,130. It is the stadium used to host football games for Northwestern University Wildcats in Evanston, Illinois.