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Irelands Call - which was originally the Irish Rugby Union Anthem.

The Irish Rugby Team - like the Cricket and Hockey Teams - represent the Island of Ireland.

The Soccer Team and Olympics etc represent the Republic of Ireland and so the anthem sung is Amhran na Bhfiann (The Soldiers Song)

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Q: What is the anthem of the Irish cricket team?
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How do you get into Ireland cricket team?

You would join a club in Ireland and learn to play. If you are good enough, you will get noticed by people involved with Irish cricket and could be asked to play for the Irish team.

Why irISH cricketer was wearing shirt having tag RSA?

RSA INSURANCE is the company that sponsors the IRISH CRICKET TEAM, just as we have SAHARA INDIA.

Are Irish cricket matches televised?

No Irish cricket matches are not televised and its not famous too.

Why are there two Irish anthems?

There is only one Irish national anthem, which is Amhrán na bhFiann (The Soldiers' Song). Ireland's Call is a song played at some rugby internationals because there is an all-Ireland rugby team, including players from Northern Ireland, but it is not a national anthem.

Why does the Irish rugby team have 2 anthems?

The Ireland team is made up from players from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (ROI). The first anthem sung is "Amhran na bhFiann" (The Soldiers' Song), the ROI national anthem. The second anthem is "Ireland's Call", which is supposed to represent all of the players together.

Who wrote the Irish national anthem?

Peadar Kearney

Does Nigeria have a cricket team?

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What is the song national anthem?

The Irish national anthem is Amhrán na bhFiann, which translates as "The Soldier's Song".

What is the song played when the Irish rugby team is announced?

The song played by the Irish rugby team is called "Irelands Call". It was composed by Phil Coulter. The Irish rugby team represents the two communitys of Ireland, nationalist and unionist, so an anthem was composed with the sensitivities of the two in mind. Although it has aroused debate, it is without doubt the best solution. It would be unfair to supporters of the Irish team that consider themselves British or Ulster-Scots to be represented by "Amhran n bhFiann".

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