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Baseball gloves can be dated by the style of the web. Some styles may have continued to be made for a longer period of time but, in general the web can be dated to that era.

Gloves that had no web are referred to as "workman" style gloves. These are some of the earliest gloves and could be dated before the 1900's. Gloves That have sewn in webs known as "full webs" can be dated to the early 1900's - 1920's These webs were sewn directly to the thumb and forefinger and extended to where the thumb and forefinger meet.

Webs between the thumb, and forefinger began to appear in the 1920's. Gloves that have no lacing between the fingers are referred to as Split fingers are common before the 1940's (prewar gloves)

See Related links below for a baseball glove dating guide, that includes pictures to help you date your glove

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Q: What is the age of your a j reach baseball glove?
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