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1 Center Court

Cleveland, Ohio

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Q: What is the address to Quicken Loans Arena?
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When was Quicken Loans Arena created?

Quicken Loans Arena was created in 1994.

Did LeBron James open the quicken and loans arena?

Lebron James did not open the Quicken and Loans Arena; the Quicken and Loans Arena opened Lebron James.

How many seats are in the quicken loans arena?

20,562 seats are in Quicken Loans Arena.

What is the zip code for the quicken loans arena?

By looking at the address, the Quicken Loans Arena falls under the zip code 44115. That zip code covers a part of the Cleveland, Ohio.

Where can a Quicken Loans Arena seating chart be viewed?

A complete Quicken Loans Arena seating chart can be viewed on the ticketing website of Quicken Loans Arena itself, or a copy can also be viewed on ticketing sites such as Stubhub and Ticketmaster.

What is the seating capacity of the Quicken Loans Arena?

Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, has a seating capacity of 20,562.

What is the name of the cavaliers arena?

it is called the Quicken Loans Arena.

How many toilets are in quicken loans arena?


Where is the quicken loans arena located?

in Cleveland Ohio next to the stadium where the Cleveland Indians play. Quicken Loans arena is in Cleveland, Ohio. It is the home court of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team.

How many seat are in quicken loans arena?

Quicken Loans Arena has a capacity of 20,562 with basketball. Meanwhile, it lessen down to 19,941 with hockey or 10,025 with curtain system. It is formerly Gund Arena and is the home court of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Where do the Cleveland Cavs play?

Quicken Loans Arena, formerly Gund Arena, in Cleveland, Ohio

How many basketballs can fit into Quicken Loans Arena?

2 million