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Q: What is the German team which has more fans?
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Which team has more fans Panthers or Chargers?


Do Red Sox have more fans than Yankee?

absolutely not Yankees are a much better team therefor have more fans

Which football team has more fans?

The NFL team with the most fans is the Dallas Cowboys. The Green Bay Packers have the second most fans, followed by the Denver Broncos, and the NY Giants.

Which team has more supporters Liverpool or Manchester United?

Manchester United has more fans

Does tokio hotel like their German fans more than their American fans?

They have mentioned many times that they love their fans and are grateful for everything the fans do for them. They have never mentioned "We like our German fans better than everyone else." They love all the fans that support them, respect their privacy and accept them no matter what. It doesn't matter where they come from or what language they speak.

Are there more Team Edward fans than Jacob's How many people dont like twilight?

there r probably more team Jacob fans and hopefully. like half the world is in love with twilight.

Which baseball team has the best fans?

The Yankees have the best fans!

Do fans ever fight in soccer?

fans mostly fight because their team has lost and somebody is trashing on their team

What did Chris Brown call his fans?

His fans are known as Team Breezy

Which NFL team has the least fans?

EAGLES Steelers have the most fans

Which NBA team has more NBA fans bulls or Orlando?

Bulls of course... because of Michael Jordan :))

Are blackhawk fans more like sox or cubs fans?

That is an easy question. Like SOX fans, Blackhawk fans follow the team with great enthusiasm when the team is playing well. Before the Toews/Kane era the Hawks were terrible so the fans did not show up. Hawk fans and Sox fans have intelligence and common sense and therefore will only spend their hard earned money when the owners put out a great product/team.Cub fans are idiots. They follow that losing organization year after year and therefore the owners have no incentive to invest in the team and put quality on the field. What a joke of an organization. Get a brain Cub fans.